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Staking $LEGX accrues at introductory yield of 2% for 180 Days or 5% for 365 Days, earn in $LEGX when Staking matures. Automatic to your wallet at end of staking duration. Staking yield is generated per 30 seconds from the staking contract and keeps $LEGX 100% deflationary.  

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KYC by Coinscope and Audited by Cyberscope

LegacyX Token

Ensuring A Legal Legacy Block-by-Block™

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LEGX Vision & Technical Notes

The LegacyX vision is to ensure that legacies are built, stored and transferred across generations in an immutable, decentralized, anonymized and solidified manner through the novel use of blockchain and smart contract technology

Built on the (Ethereum Mainet) , LegacyX is built on trusted and established blockchain technology for stability, decentralization, scale and mass adoption.

The LegacyX Token (ticker: LEGX) is connected and associated with the initialization, development and adoption of the LegacyXFoundation™ Platform.

Solid Foundation

Solid Foundation LEGX

The token and platform are designed and built upon a solid foundation of technology and business and legal knowledge and experience. The utility of the Ethereum Network as a top 10 globally known blockchain and crypto lends the characteristics and quality to be the foundation of the LegacyX Token™. Layered on top of this is the industry and legal knowledge of 20+ years’ experience of the founder and inventor along with the collective experience of the entire LegacyX Token™ team.

Realistic Vision

Realistic Vision LEGX

The entire concept and platform for the LegacyX Token™ originated and developed based on the real-world use case of the lack of understanding and knowledge contained in unidentified and disaggregated ownership of assets by individuals across the world. With over $36 TRILLION in assets being transferred by an aging demographic over the next decade, earmarking and tracking the ownership and disposition of these assets becomes an increasing important function and utility needed to maintain and reduce litigation around these assets.  That realistic use-case and vision of the LegacyX Token™ and platform becomes a leading solution for this global problem.

Foundation of Trust

Foundation of trust LEGX

The LegacyX Token™ project was built on the foundation of trust based on legitimacy and transparency. Our contract audit by Cyberscope proves the cleanness of our contracts. Our KYC (“Know Your Customer”) clearance ensures that you know the people behind the projects (compared to anonymous meme coin founders). Our disclosures and characteristics of our token launch and contracts ensures that we are viewed with credibility and trust of a viable, long-term token and utility to build long-term value to reward our loyal community. True legacies are built on a foundation of trust. The LegacyX Token™ is designed and built to be a true legacy.


  • NAME: LegacyX Token
  • BUY TAX: 7%
  • SELL TAX: 7%
  • SUPPLY: 1,777,777,777

LEGX Token Distribution

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LegacyX Token Roadmap

Our LegacyX™ Token and Foundation Platform Roadmap is a designed and systematic overview for full-scale launch of our project, projecting large newsworthy milestones of future progress. Underlying these large milestones are countless hours of work, blood, sweat and likely tears to bring this project to full fruition. The future is always unpredictable despite our best intentions and designs, but these are the major goals we are seeking to hit for our community and customers.


June 16, 2023

Presale on DxSale

ICO Opens

June 17, 2023

LEGX Launch


QTR 4 2023

Design preliminary LegacyX™ Foundation Platform UX/IX architecture

Map backend architecture to LegacyX™ Foundation Platform

Incorporation of LegacyX Technologies

Begin alpha phase of the LegacyX™ Foundation Platform web app


QTR 2 2024

Whitepaper Release

Complete intellectual property and patentability analysis


Expand team member and partnerships across business and industry


QTR 4 2024

Build alpha phase of the LegacyX™ Foundation Platform web app

Beta test the LegacyX™ Foundation Platform web app

Design preliminary mobile app LegacyX™ Foundation Platform UX/IX architecture

Finalize business and commercialization model


QTR 2 2025

Full market release of the web application for the LegacyX™ Foundation Platform

Expand sales force and marketing capacity

Build alpha phase of LegacyX™ Foundation Platform mobile app

Beta test the LegacyX™ Foundation Platform mobile app

LEGX Partners

No legacy is built successfully by just one person. It takes a team. We are grateful for our partnerships to help bring our LegacyX™ Token & Foundation Platform from concept to full fruition.

Contact LegacyX

Phone: + 1 (866)-777-LEGX (5349)
2500 West Loop South #340, Houston, TX 77027
To request information or have any questions for LegacyX, please fill the form and send!

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Ensuring A Legal Legacy Block-by-Block™

We are constantly building and updating our contracts and platforms. We would like YOU to be a part of the LegacyX Token Community of partners and supporters. To keep up to date on developments, please send us your contact information. 

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